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Technical Partner

Technical Partners work with us toward a common goal by integrating technology into our platform and/or sharing information for the benefit of both partners.

Referral Partner

Referral Partners generate leads for us for a commission; partnerships may be mutual or one-way. If you're a Managed Service Provider, check out our special referral partner program for MSPs.

Channel Partner

Channel Partners recommend the Zeguro Cyber Safety® platform or cyber insurance when it makes sense. They may also provide co-marketing, shared training, or other shared resources.

“We are excited about our partnership with Zeguro and look forward to helping its customers level-up their security and meet necessary compliance obligations. Together, we offer SMBs a comprehensive and interactive look at their security posture.”

Karen Nguyen, VP of Sales at

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Partners FAQ

What type of partners do you work with?

We work with a broad range of different partners, including managed service providers, managed security service providers, security vendors, IT consulting companies, VARs/OEMs, and more. Contact us using the above form to see how we can work together.

Do you pay a referral commission to your referral partners, and if so, how much?

Commissions may be paid to a partner, depending on the type of business and the specific terms of the agreement. In some cases, we may offer co-marketing opportunities in place of a referral commission.

Do you currently offer a public API, so that we can integrate with your Cyber Safety platform?

We currently handle integrations on a one-off and as-needed basis. Please contact us with your product or service offering, and we will evaluate the benefit of a product integration and weigh it against the effort required by our tech team to work on the integration.

I have seen other cybersecurity companies and cyber insurance companies. Why should I partner with Zeguro?

Most companies focus on providing either cybersecurity tools or cyber insurance. However, Zeguro is pioneering a model that leverages our technology tools to provide real-time data about your customers' risk profiles, so that we can provide potential insurance discounts as well as the data your customers need to fix security vulnerabilities and stay in compliance.

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