Pair Your Cyber Insurance with Cyber Safety

Protect your people, process, and technology with a holistic risk management solution.
  • Take an online assessment to see where you are in your cyber security journey.  
  • Get actionable recommendations to improve your organization’s cybersecurity.
  • Improve employee security awareness with user-tailored training.
  • Discover and mitigate vulnerabilities in your web applications.
  • Manage all your security policies in one place, with customizable templates.
  • Talk to a live cyber expert to get set up and improve your organization’s security.

Cyber Safety for your business

As a valued FCCI customer, you get free access to Cyber Safety for the duration of your cyber coverage.

Your Complimentary Plan Includes:

Cyber Maturity

Evaluate and improve your cyber health

Take an interactive online assessment of your cyber readiness across people, processes, and technology. Receive actionable recommendations, templates, and other assets for improving your organization’s security.

Security Policies

Customize templates or upload your own

Get security policy templates that cover important areas required in many compliance frameworks like PCI DSS and HIPAA. Need policies outside of our template package? Upload any custom policies so you can conveniently manage all your policies in one place.

Security Training

Train up to 5 team members

Improve employee cybersecurity awareness with our Training module, which conducts a cybersecurity skills assessment for all enrolled employees at your company and targeted training based on each employee's strengths and weaknesses.


Scan 1 website up to 1 time quarterly

Scan for vulnerabilities in your web applications. Get a report that clearly details any issues that are identified. Share the findings with your developers so they can take action to eliminate security holes.

Cyber Maturity

Not sure how far along your organization is on the cybersecurity journey? Take a holistic, online, interactive assessment to determine your company’s cyber maturity over 19 different cybersecurity elements. This will give you insight into how safe your organization is.

The assessment will not only evaluate your company’s level of cyber readiness, but will also provide key recommendations that you can implement right away. By following our step-by-step actions, you can better protect your organization against cyber risks and threats.

Security Policies

The first step to a healthy cybersecurity posture and maintaining regulatory compliance is implementing security policies. Our Security Policies module provides easy-to-use, customizable policy templates that cover important areas required in many compliance frameworks (like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001).

Don't see a template for a policy you need or want? Upload your own policies so you can conveniently manage all of your security policies and download to share with auditors and employees in one dashboard.

Security Training

Phishing is the #1 cyberattack experienced by small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Prepare your employees with security awareness training. With Cyber Safety, you can assess your employees' baseline cybersecurity knowledge and measure their progress through report cards as they go through user-tailored training. Courses are monthly and cover a variety of topics from phishing to physical security.


Web-based attacks are the second most common cyberattacks experienced by SMBs. Set up automated website scans to discover security weaknesses that hackers can exploit. Once the scans are complete, you can download scan reports to review a list of the vulnerabilities found, prioritized based on risk. The report also comes with recommendations for fixing the vulnerabilities.

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