Our First Ever Employee Spotlight!

Watch the first episode of our Employee Spotlight Series featuring Dennis Logan Jr, our Cyber Insurance Specialist!

Here at Zeguro, we understand that our company would be nothing without our talented employees working behind the scenes. The last few months have been unfamiliar for us as we migrated away from our San Francisco office to a fully remote team environment. That being said, we wanted to highlight our talented employees who’ve navigated this unusual time and what makes each one of them unique. Starting this week, Zeguro will be doing a weekly Employee Spotlight Series to showcase every member of our company. The first employee under the spotlight is Dennis Logan Jr., our rockstar Cyber Insurance Specialist!

Introduce who you are and what you do at Zeguro

Sure, I'm Dennis Logan, and I'm a Cyber Insurance Specialist. I help with everything from quoting to Cyber Insurance Education and Translation. 

What is one place in the world you would like to travel to and why?

Australia, definitely been on my bucket list. The Formula 1 Race in Melbourne has always been one of my top things on my bucket list. 

What was the first job you ever had?

First job out of college was selling cars for Lexus. New and used cars. It was a 9:00 to 9:00 and it was a grind. 

What is your favorite movie or favorite line from a movie?

Favorite movie has to be “The Pursuit Of Happiness” from Will Smith and from that movie, favorite quote would be, "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something" with him being his dad, so motivational always.

What type of music is on your Spotify most played?

Probably Coding LoFi right now. It's been a regular recurring hit right now. When I'm just trying focus and learn systems.

If you could learn any skill what would it be?

I have to say Woodwork. I've always admired people that could create something with like a 2x4. It's never been anything in my alleyway so I've always admired that.

Can you tell us what motivates you to go to work at Zeguro each day?

Just being passionate about the product. I think we have a really cool first and unique product that is actually there to protect and be an asset for small businesses. A lot of my family and friends have small businesses so it's actually something that hits home for me. I want to make sure that they're protected and don't go out of business from something small like a bad email. 

How did you hear about Zeguro in the first place?

Google AdWords. I put in a search for Cyber Insurance and was trying to see who my previous competition was. So I ended up finding you guys and it was a great fit and conversation from there.

If you could switch jobs with anyone at Zeguro for a day who would it be?

Definitely not Sidd because he looks stressed everyday. He's handling a lot. I have to say probably you. Because you're new and you're the intern so you get to learn everything from a fresh start.

Well thank you so much Dennis for taking part in our first Employee Spotlight and we will definitely have many more to come.

Zeguro is a cyber safety solution and insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a comprehensive suite of tools for risk mitigation and compliance, as well as insurance premiums that are tailored to the size, sector and profile of a company.
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