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Accelerate SOC 2 compliance with a unified risk management platform.

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Web App Vulnerability Scanning

Identify, assess, and mitigate risks as required by SOC 2 with Zeguro Cyber Safety®. Our web app vulnerability scanner identifies common web app flaws like XSS or CSRF, the use of insecure encryption, and much more.

Security Policy Management

SOC 2 requires security controls for risk mitigation, including policy creation and procedure documentation. Our policy templates cover critical areas and offer a starting point for creating procedures required by SOC 2.

Security Awareness Training

Communicate security responsibilities and objectives to your employees as required by SOC 2 with Zeguro’s Training program, which aligns with industry standards.

SOC 2 is the gold standard for business SaaS providers.

The security practices of service providers, such as business-to-business SaaS companies, greatly affect the organizations they serve. In one incident, over 100 nursing homes were locked out of their patients' health records after their IT provider faced a ransomware attack, putting lives at risk. Even the Target breach was traced to a successful phishing campaign against their HVAC vendor.

SOC 2 was developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) to set standards for service providers and their cybersecurity practices. While complying with SOC 2 isn’t mandatory by law, it shows your commitment to the highest security standards as the auditing process to get certified can be rigorous. Customers may look for SOC 2 compliant vendors before signing a contract as certification gives them peace of mind when it comes to third-party risk.

Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Training screen
Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Training screen

Streamline compliance and prepare for your audit.

Satisfy several SOC 2 requirements with Zeguro Cyber Safety®. First, identify risks such as web application vulnerabilities and get suggested fixes with Zeguro’s Monitoring module. Pentesting is also offered through our partner Cobalt and supports the requirement for evaluating your organization’s security controls.

In addition, SOC 2 requires you to communicate cybersecurity roles, responsibilities, and requirements to your workforce. Easily enroll your employees in our robust training program that aligns with security frameworks like ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800-53.

Finally, design and implement security controls, including policies and procedures, as required by SOC 2 using our security policy templates, which cover critical areas such as Network and Data Security, Incident Response, and Risk Assessment.

Protect your business through people, process, and technology.

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