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Web App Vulnerability Scanning

Zeguro’s web app vulnerability scanner identifies vulnerabilities and outlines findings and suggested fixes required for PCI compliance. These include the use of insecure encryption like TLS 1.0 or SSLv3, as well as common web app flaws like XSS or CSRF.

Pentesting Through Our Cobalt Partnership

Through our Cobalt partnership, we offer high quality penetration testing, as required by the PCI DSS. Just like hackers, pen testers analyze network environments, identify potential weaknesses, and try to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Insurance to Cover PCI DSS Fines

Zeguro's cyber liability insurance helps cover PCI DSS fines and penalties imposed by banks and credit card companies for non-compliance. We offer a quick, easy online quote capability. Read more about Zeguro cyber insurance coverages here.

PCI non-compliance can be costly.

As electronic payments have grown in popularity, personal and financial data has become increasingly vulnerable. High profile data breaches have motivated the payment card industry to take on the challenge of protecting consumer data. The result: several payment card brands collaborated to develop a set of standards known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Any organization that transmits, processes, or stores credit card information must comply with the PCI DSS. Non-compliance can be costly, with monthly penalties ranging from $5000-$100,000.

Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Training screen
Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Training screen

Stay compliant and protect against payment card data misuse.

Comply with several PCI DSS requirements with our Cyber Safety platform. First, our Monitoring module scans your web applications to identify vulnerabilities, including the use of insecure encryption as well as common web app flaws. Zeguro has also partnered with Cobalt to deliver required PCI penetration testing.

To boost employee security awareness, our general security training program is aligned with industry standards and security control frameworks like ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800-53.

Finally, if all else fails, our cyber liability insurance helps cover fines and penalties that may be assessed due to non-compliance with any of the PCI DSS standards (subject to underwriting approval).

Protect your business through people, process, and technology.

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