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What Are Security Policies?

Security policies are living documents of rules and guidelines that need to be followed by people accessing company data, assets, systems, and other IT resources. The main purpose of an information security policy is to ensure that the company’s cybersecurity program is working effectively.

Benefits of Security Policies

Define security roles and responsibilities
Increase employee security awareness
Hold your team accountable for security
Meet compliance requirements

Key Features of Cyber Safety Security Policies

Security policy templates

Custom policy uploader

Saved history of policy versions

Downloadable policies

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How Cyber Safety Security Policies Work


Cyber Safety comes with 10 security policy templates, including recommended, business-specific, and specialized policies. Use these templates, modify them to fit your organization’s needs, or upload your own custom policies.


Once you’re done editing your policy, click the pink “Approve” button to activate your policy. This will help you identify which policies are still in draft mode or unused versus the ones that are in use.


Download your policies from the platform in pdf format so you can create a package for new hires and email your Third Party Security Policy to any vendors you might work with.


Cyber Safety keeps a history of each of the policies you approve so you have a clear audit trail. You can view or download the different versions of each policy.

Security Policy Templates Provided Include:


Data Security


Incident Response


Network Security


Risk Assessment and Management


Acceptable Use


Backup and Retention


Customer Data Privacy


Third Party Security


Overarching Security Program


System Development Lifecycle and Quality Assurance

Get Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management

Security Policies is part of Cyber Safety, Zeguro’s set of cybersecurity tools which integrate with our cyber insurance to provide holistic cyber risk management.

Improve Employee Cyber Awareness

People are the primary root cause of data breaches due to both negligence and lack of knowledge. Zeguro offers user-tailored security training so employees can keep security top-of-mind. First, a cybersecurity skills assessment is given to determine each employee's strengths and weaknesses. Courses, which cover a variety of topics such as phishing, social engineering, and working remotely, are then delivered on a monthly basis with the weakest subjects prioritized.

Find and Fix Web Vulnerabilities

50% of SMBs have experienced a web-based attack. Zeguro offers automated web vulnerability scanning, so that you can discover security weaknesses on a regular basis. Our scan reports provide detailed proof of each detected vulnerability and offer suggestions for how to fix them so that you can protect your web apps and websites from hackers.

Get Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

Have a financial safety net in place in case of a data breach. Zeguro offers one of the most comprehensive cyber insurance policies that covers ransomware attacks, regulatory fines, third party lawsuits, employee and customer data loss, and more. Cyber Safety users enjoy potential savings of up to 20% or more on their premiums, which are priced based on your business's unique risk profile.

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Zeguro has created a Marketplace of partners, including Vanta, Cobalt, Graphus, and others, so that you can get access to exclusive discounts on a variety of security and compliance solutions you may need, such as accelerated SOC 2 compliance, pentesting, phishing defense, and more.


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