Insight-Driven Cybersecurity Webinar: Prioritizing the "How Well" vs. the "How Much"

What is insight-driven cybersecurity? Is it even achievable on a budget?

Join us for our joint webinar with Tetrad Digital Integrity (TDI) where we'll discuss how to achieve more with less by adopting a fresh approach to cybersecurity that satisfies the needs of your organization.

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Maximizing Your Risk Management Strategies

Despite all the tools and security frameworks available to organizations today, cybersecurity isn’t where it needs to be. There must be a fundamental shift in how cybersecurity is managed to increase levels of effectiveness and performance. Unlike other business disciplines such as project and financial management, cybersecurity management lacks the visibility and insights to measure and understand performance.

“What” organizations do is far less important than “How Well” they do it. Maximizing cyber budgets and effective risk management is only possible with visibility into your current level of protection. This simply does not exist today. In this session, participants explore these concepts and discuss how insight-driven security will shape the future of the discipline.

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