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With a Zeguro Cyber Insurance policy, you'll get free access to Cyber Safety, our suite of security tools. Using these tools to secure your business can save you up to 20% or more on your renewal.

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Get comprehensive coverage that meets contractual requirements and protects your business when a data breach occurs so you can win business and sleep easy.

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Customer & Employee Data Loss

If your business experiences loss of customer and employee data, such as credit card numbers, as a result of a cyber attack or cyber crime, your cyber insurance policy covers the following:
Data Compromise Response Expenses

This coverage includes:

  • Crisis management
  • Regulatory fines and penalties
  • PCI assessments, fines, and penalties

When employee or client data is exposed by accident or a malicious act, states require that you notify those affected individuals. If the Payment Card Industry (PCI) or your state regulators find that you were negligent in your safe-keeping of sensitive data, you might face fines and penalties. Our policy can cover the notification costs and regulatory fines.    

Identity Recovery

This coverage includes:

  • Lost wages and child and elder care
  • Mental health counseling
  • Miscellaneous unnamed costs

You may need to take time off work or hire a caretaker for your child or elderly parent while dealing with identity theft. We’ll cover lost wages and child and elder care among other expenses.

Data Compromise Liability

This coverage includes:

  • Data compromise defense
  • Data compromise liability
  • Privacy incident liability

We cover losses and defense costs due to a claim or regulatory proceeding as a result of a privacy incident or data breach.

Reputational Harm

After you notify your customers that their information was exposed, they may be hesitant to continue doing business with you. We can cover operating expenses, such as payroll, and loss of income due to reputational damage from a data breach.

Forensic and Investigation Expenses

We cover the costs of IT professionals who will review your systems and backups to determine the size, scope, and nature of the data breach.

Public Relations Expenses

We pay for the costs of hiring  public relations firms to protect your reputation during  the aftermath of a cyber attack and costs to implement their recommendations.

Data Breach Lawsuit Coverage

We cover your defense and settlement costs if you’re sued by your customers because of a breach.

Business Interruption & Extortion

Cyber crimes and attacks, such as ransomware, could impact your day-to-day business operations resulting in lost revenue. Your cyber insurance policy covers for such incidents:
Cyber Extortion

If you experience a cyber extortion attack, such as ransomware, we cover the cost of hiring negotiators and investigators as well as the ransom payment, if necessary.  

Computer Attack

This coverage includes:

  • Computer Attack
  • Data re-creation
  • Crisis management
  • Future loss avoidance
  • Loss of business (including contingent loss of business)
  • Extended income recovery

In the event of a cyber attack, we cover the costs of data restoration, data re-creation, and system restoration as well as your business interruption income & expenses. We can provide additional resources to improve your cybersecurity posture following a cyber attack.

System Failure

We cover costs resulting from unintentional and unplanned computer system outages not caused by cyber attacks.

Cost of Forensic Accountant

We cover the hiring of a forensic accounting firm to determine how much business income you’ve lost and any extra expenses incurred due to a cyber attack.

Third Party Lawsuits

Third parties can sue your company when a network security incident impacts their business. They can also sue if any of your electronic communications result in their defamation, infringe their trademarks and copyrights, or violate their privacy policies. With Zeguro, you’re covered for defense and settlement costs related to the following:
Network Security Liability

This coverage includes:

  • Network security defense
  • Network security liability

We cover negligent security failures or weaknesses that result in malware spreading, denial of service attacks, or the unintended loss, release, or disclosure of third party corporate data.

Electronic media liability

This coverage includes:

  • Electronic media defense
  • Electronic media liability

We cover media incidents which include the infringement of copyright, trademarks, service marks, and more, unintended defamation, violation of someone’s privacy rights, and interference of someone’s right of publicity.

Payment Fraud

Criminals may hack your systems, or deceive your employees or financial institutions into sending money to a fraudulent destination. They may also fraudulently use your telecommunications systems and increase your costs.
Misdirected Payment Fraud

We cover losses due to fraudulent fund transfers.

Computer Fraud

We cover losses due to fraudulent data entry or change by someone who is not your employee.

Telecommunications Fraud

In the event that your telecommunications systems experience a cyber attack, this covers costs to your Telephone Service Provider due to the attack.

Additional Coverages

Reward Payment Reimbursement

We cover rewards you pay for information regarding data breaches.

Additional Insured

If a customer, partner, or other party requires that they be covered under your policy, you can name them as an additional insured.

Why Zeguro?

Get comprehensive and customized insurance. Our technology analyzes your responses to our quote form and tailors your policy to the specific cyber risks your business faces.

Our team is here to answer any questions and will help your organization get the coverage it needs. Additionally, should a security incident occur, we offer easy claims management with a dedicated claims advocate.

Get free access to Cyber Safety on the Starter Plan or a discount of $59/month on any other plan for the duration of your policy. Leverage these security tools to reduce your cyber risks for discounts of up to 20% or more on your renewal.

With Zeguro, you get more than just cyber insurance. Your policy also includes free security tools.

Improve Employee Cyber Awareness

People are the primary root cause of data breaches due to both negligence and lack of knowledge. Zeguro offers user-tailored security training so employees can keep security top-of-mind. First, a cybersecurity skills assessment is given to determine each employee's strengths and weaknesses. Courses, which cover a variety of topics such as phishing, social engineering, and working remotely, are then delivered on a monthly basis with the weakest subjects prioritized.

Find and Fix Web Vulnerabilities

50% of SMBs have experienced a web-based attack. Zeguro offers automated web vulnerability scanning, so that you can discover security weaknesses on a regular basis. Our scan reports provide detailed proof of each detected vulnerability and offer suggestions for how to fix them so that you can protect your web apps and websites from hackers.

Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Security and Compliance Programs

Zeguro offers an easy-to-use solution so you can manage all your security policies in one place. Get access to user-friendly policy templates, customize them, or upload your own. Keep an audit trail of past and previous policies and download them at any time to share with auditors, employees, customers, and partners.

Get Exclusive Discounts From Our Marketplace Partners

Zeguro has created a Marketplace of partners, including Vanta, Cobalt, Graphus, and others, so that you can get access to exclusive discounts on a variety of security and compliance solutions you may need, such as accelerated SOC 2 compliance, pentesting, phishing defense, and more.

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At ClickUp, security and privacy are our utmost priority. That's why we trust Zeguro for all our cyber insurance needs. Aside from being secure, Zeguro offers a streamlined and efficient purchasing process so we can get back to making the world more productive."

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