Web app vulnerability scanning. Stop cyber threats before they start.

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Web App Scanning

Search for vulnerabilities in your web applications and outdated software, and learn how to fix them.

Clear, Actionable Results

At-a-glance results plus clear steps for how to fix common security issues found in web apps.

Continuous Monitoring

Always-on security monitoring of GSuite and Office365.
Coming soon!

Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Monitoring screen

Technology monitoring is a core component of your business’ cyber health.

The same technologies that are a boon to businesses — cloud-connected devices, wearables and IoT —  also add new cybersecurity risks that can impact their bottom line. While a strong cybersecurity compliance program begins with a risk analysis, it ends with ongoing monitoring of the data ecosystem. However, ongoing monitoring of web applications for vulnerabilities (not to mention outdated software and configuration errors) places a burden on small to mid-sized businesses without dedicated security professionals or the time to manage security processes and technology.

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In addition to monitoring, we offer convenient one-stop shopping for these important risk management tools:

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